Italian creativity


I’m a designer, painter and photographer working in fashion traveling around the world to gain inspiration for new prints and patterns for my textile creations. These consist in my photographs and paintings in gouaches, markers and other techniques, all combined to with a virtual post-production. In a nutshell, my work is a meeting between classic hand and photograph based composition and 21st century graphic design. When doing my job, I stress my political consciousness and aesthetic awareness. I find allusions to pop culture and history fundamental in my creations. My past, and long lasting, collaboration with the Andy Warhol for the Visual Arts influenced my whole iconography.

The objective of my creative quest is the exaltation of the human figure through a product of daily usability, thus I don’t lean toward a clear distinction between a formal and informal dress.
One must merge with the other making the personality of whoever is wearing it prevail; transmit others emotions in accordance with her state of mind. In essence, I conceive fashion as the exaltation of what the consumer wants to transmit, and not as the imposition of standardized norms.